Long Term Care

Long-term care is very common among the people who are aged and can’t take care of themselves for a long period of time. They need someone else to take care of themselves either for medical or non-medical needs or for both.

What is Long Term Care Insurance and Do I Need It?

Long Term Care LTC and Insurance for Disabled and Chronic illnessLong Term Care is the necessity for someone to assist an individual with the daily task of taking care of personal needs, such as bathing, preparing meals, going to the restroom and other things that would be considered ordinary personal care are supplied by another person. Long Term Health Care Insurance can make these things happen with a high level of care.

Are you a skilled gambler, because that’s exactly what happens when we think we can defy the odds when it comes to our health down the road. The odds statistically is that 11% of people between 65 and 74 will need LTC and 1 out of every 2 people who live to be 85 will be subject to extended periods of poor or failing health. The time and cost of providing this care can be very large. If you plan on Medicaid covering the cost, you will be very surprised. Medicaid will only cover you in an extended health care situation when you have basically become poor.

The cost of this type of care can quickly destroy your life savings and melt your assets away.

Plan well! Protect yourself and your future health and financial welfare from the certainty of the uncertain.

Long Term Care Insurance:

Long Term Care Insurance secures your wealth and life quality in the event of an extended time of rehab or day to day personal care. Long term care insurance quotes help you compare national providers of LTC Insurance. Safeguarding your estate against the devastating effect of failing health is crucial. Plan Well!

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