Health Care for Senior Citizens in the USA

Affordable Health Care for Senior Citizens in Clackamas CityGetting health care is an important requirement for the people around the globe. In the USA, there is a growing number of senior citizens and they need proper health care in terms of nursing, treatment, medicine, surgery etc. There are few options available for senior citizens in the USA to get either free or low cost health care. In this article, we will see how Medicaid, Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Health Insurance can help seniors financially.


In the current scenario, due to various issues on our health system, it becomes quite difficult for the people with low income to get affordable health care facilities. In this regard, one of the best alternatives for the US individuals is Medicaid. It is offered to the people suffering from low income.

Medicaid coverage includes doctor visit and hospital expenses. It covers nursing home expenses as well, as this is considered to be most rapidly growing expenses which are associated with Medicaid. Even the prescribed medicines are also covered through Medicaid. It also insures for less traditional health care equipment that are durable enough. Some of the equipment includes eyeglasses, oxygen supplies and adjustable beds. The cost of these devices can easily and quickly add up which is indeed a very important service. Medicaid offers a cost effective way to stay, hearty and healthy.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, it is also known as Obamacare which has gradually changed the entire landscape in US. The act provides the senior citizens a greater amount of protection from nursing home abuse. This act obligates each and every nursing home to set up a department responsible for “Quality assurance and also Performance improvement “.

Below listed services are easily available to the senior citizens at no cost.

  • The senior citizens can easily receive counseling and screening services regarding tobacco cessation and alcohol abuse.
  • Any senior citizen can easily get depression screening and also blood pressure screening.
  • Senior citizens can get screening and counseling test for obesity as well.
  • Senior citizens diagnosed with high blood pressure can get screening services for Type-II diabetes.
  • A male senior who had previously heart diseases can easily get cholesterol screening.
  • A senior of age above 50 can easily get colorectal cancer screening.

Health Insurance

Getting a medical health insurance, particularly for senior citizens is quite confusing and complex task as well. While choosing Medicaid health insurance for senior citizens, you should be aware about the medical coverage it encompasses. The insurance should provide the capability to claim the insurance amount when required.

Until and unless, you are suffering from anticipated medical issues, it’s better to choose cheaper premium which will save your money. Prior signing for the health insurance policy, it’s better to go through each and every page in the policy thoroughly so that you don’t get surprised when you are declined to protect something.

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