Disability Income Insurance

Get Disability Income Protection Coverage when You are Unable to WorkDisability insurance may be a necessity if you are the bread winner in your home. If you could not work and bring home your regular income then you would suffer income loss. A period of long term disability could substantially drain your family’s resources in a short time. Disability income insurance protects you by paying a percentage of your regular income while you are unable to work because of extended illness or injury. You still need to maintain your standard of life, feeding family, paying utilities, tuition, premiums and managing other expenses. If you can’t work actively due to sickness or injury then it becomes very tough to manage the family expenses. This is where disability income insurance comes into play and helps such people financially. Usually, such coverage works until you back on your feet and rejoin your workplace.

You can find a lot of providers offering such disability income insurance for you. You can take help from online to apply free quotes and even buy an affordable coverage. A Disability insurance quote is a means to measure the quality and value of one insurer.

Disability insurance coverage can normally be purchased through employers or group benefit plans as well as individually through personal disability insurance plan coverage. You should compare the rate and other facilities before joining with a particular policy.

Disability Insurance Facts:

  1. 1 in every 3 people will suffer a disability for more 90 days during their career.
  2. Employer offered plans often only cover 50% of your income.
  3. The average Disability leave is over 2 years.
  4. More than 75 % of all Americans have inadequate Income Protection.
  5. Social Security disability payments are limited to disabilities expected to last at least Twelve months or end in death.

Learn How Disability Insurance Work for You:

Benefits of Planning Ahead:

  1. Secure you future through protecting your income and your dreams.
  2. Protects your income through monthly payments. Disability rates are an expense to consider, but not near as great a price as a medical disability can cost you in lost income.
  3. Disability coverage normally offers flexible coverage and time periods.
  4. Short term disability can provide coverage for up to 2 years.
  5. Long term disability can provide coverage from 5 years or until death.
  6. Individual coverage can close the gaps in employer plans and income such as pay bonuses and incentives.
  7. Personal disability insurance is a choice to protect your assets and your family’s stability.

Whatever You Do-Protect Yourself & Your Income Potential!

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