No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Seniors

Life insurance for the elderly people is an excellent way to cover financial loss due to health issues. The seniors over 60 start suffering from various health problems and thus it is better to obtain affordable life coverage at young age so it helps later. Health insurance is another alternative for you. In this article, we will come to know about a different type of life policy which doesn’t require the policyholder to go for any medical tests. Does it sound strange? Let’s find out about a type of life insurance that doesn’t need to sit for medical exam.

What is No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors?

If you’re a senior and you are in the market for life insurance you might only be aware of traditional life insurance options that require a medical exam before they’ll give you coverage, but did you know there are actually companies that will give you coverage without an exam? This approach takes quite a bit of stress out of deciding what company to go with to receive coverage. However the real question that remains is which type of insurance policy is the better option?

Traditionally, insurance that requires a medical exam is intended to help rule out any potential health problems that might increase your risk of dying. This in turn keeps your insurance rates more reasonable although some companies want you to endure even more tests before they make a concrete decision on approval. So what this means for you is that basically the healthier you are the lower insurance rate you’ll have to pay if you’re willing to wait out the decision process.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

On the other hand, there is no medical exam insurance. This type of insurance policy can begin instantly and there is no medical exam required to determine what rate you’ll pay. This policy was designed by carriers that basically put an average cost on individuals’ lives. This can lead to higher premiums and you’ll still be expected to provide a detailed medical history to them.

No Exam Life Insurance Approval is Easy and Instant for SeniorsPros:

  • Instant Approval upon Submitting Required Documents
  • Limited Questions about Health Status and Background
  • No Medical Exam Required
  • Widely Available and Acceptable


  • More Expensive than Traditional Life Insurance Policies
  • Paperwork is still Required
  • Limited Coverage

Is this worth it?

In short, whether or not to get one type of insurance policy or not really depends on your personal situation. If you have the extra money and you don’t want the hassle of a medical exam (or several exams thereafter), the no medical exam life insurance is a convenience and getting approved is almost instantaneous. Although if you’re looking to stay on a budget, you might be better off going for a traditional life insurance policy in order to keep your minimum payments more affordable.

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