High Risk Candidates for Life Insurance

high-risk-nicotine-smokerAre you working in a dangerous profession, have high-risk lifestyle hobbies or is suffering from a serious medical condition? If you can relate to any of this and you are looking for life insurance, then you will be regarded as a high risk candidate. Read on to know about high risk life insurance.

This type of insurance policy is designed especially for persons with serious health conditions or risky professions or lifestyle habits that could result in an early death. When persons fall into this high risk category, the life insurance companies usually look at many different factors which depend on the risk involved before selling a policy. Of course, the companies will have their own restrictions and requirements for the categories which fall under the life insurance for risky candidates.

High Risk Habits:

Insurance companies consider certain lifestyle habits as high risk. You will fall in this high-risk category if you are smoking cigars or cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Some companies will give better rates to persons who quit smoking for a certain period, which could be for one or two years. It is also possible to find affordable life policy for risky people as some companies give preferred rates to persons who only smoke now and then.

Just remember that it is important to be truthful with the insurance company when answering questions about your lifestyle habits and health to avoid the risk of getting your policy canceled.

High Risk Diseases:

It’s a well-known fact that people with serious diseases might have problems to get life insurance policies. You are more likely to be considered a high risk candidate if you are diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening illness such as pancreatic disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or epilepsy. In the case of an illness like cancer, it is highly likely that the insurance company will ask for any medical records that you have from your doctors, the oncologist’s pathology report and copies of your treatment plans to see how well you have been following the doctor’s recommendations.

As you can see, it is possible for you to get life insurance, regardless of your lifestyle habits, hobbies, profession, or illness. The only thing is that risky candidates life coverage premiums are always higher than the ones which are available for healthy persons.